Saturday, 5 January 2013

Street kid love.

There is a sad reality of life in Granada. While being a beautiful little city, poverty is everywhere. There is no separation from the working and upper classes to the hustlers selling hammocks or jewelry or t shirts or drugs on the main tourist strip, the "Casada". A small percentage of guys are also busking for a living, playing flute or break-dancing.

The saddest part is the population of street kids living in Granada. A literal ragtag group of young boys who are given bracelets to sell, or reeds to weave into shapes of flowers and grasshoppers by older guys who take a percentage of what they make. These kids will also beg for food or money and most of them are huffing glue out of bottles or burning the rubber on old shoes and getting high from that, often right out in the open in front of everybody. Its conflicting because you really shouldn't do anything for them, not buy there wares, or give them any food or money. There are several programs set up in Granada that will provide food and shelter and education to these kids at any time. By giving them money or supporting the street lifestyle you only tell them that's its ok to live like that, and you really only support the scumbags who are pulling the strings.

These kids are also kids. They play and goof around, and seek love and affection from whoever they can, like most kids do. Not to mention being super cute and friendly.

It's a sad reality but with the programs that are set up and with a little more awareness and support from tourists, a brighter future is possible.

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