Saturday, 19 January 2013

San jose to Saigon. Photos by Ashlee Wactor.

Ive been not blogging at all, im not at all good at this.
Ive decided from this point on to make this more of a photo blog, its hard to type out every little crazy thing that happens when you're traveling, and does anyone care?
Also pictures do say more than words.

But to catch up. After I departed with the group in Nicaragua I stayed a couple more days to surf in San Juan Del Sur. The waves were amazing, but that was about it. The whole town is a glorified frat party, but I put up with it for a couple nights for one amazing day at Playa Samara, a beautiful 3km beach with soft white sand, hidden caves and some serious waves.

I made it out alive however and caught a bus back to the Costa Rican border to head back to Liberia to meet up with an old friend and spend a couple nights partying with her in Samara. Crossing the border I had the privilege to meet these cool cats and I hitched a ride with them in their traveling studio.

I spent New years in Samara with My friend Edmonde and her buddies Annie Rose and Thon (jonathon) Annie rose a wild girl from the states and Thon was her handsome rastafari, beach bum, spear fisher boyfriend who hooked us up with some nice accommodations and some hilarious memories. The carnival/ rodeo was in town and new years was sloppy as it can ever be but very beautiful, with huge bonfires burning all down the beach of Samara and amazing fireworks all night long.

I hitched out of Samara to catch a bus in nosara where they only had standing room left.. it was a long five hours back to San Jose. I found a hostel and caught a bus to the airport the next morning at 5 am for a long day of traveling, a 5 hour flight to Denver Colorado, a 9 hour layover then on to Seattle, another 3 hour flight. It was sweet reunions in seattle and I got meet Ashlees family and spend three nights in Seattle. Seattle is a really great place, amazing busking and markets, cheap bars, huge art scene, and I got to enjoy with great company.

The pit stop in Seattle was short however and it felt like no time at all before I was back at the airport waiting for my flight to Seoul, South Korea. It was an eleven hour flight but very enjoyable, it was all swank, huge leg room, free beer, tons of movies, free beer, really good airplane food, free beer, also there was free beer. needless to say we slept easy at our layover, 14 hours at the Inchion Airport, before we caught our last 5 hour flight to Ho Chi Mingh City (Saigon)


We were greeted in Saigon by my goodfriend Claudine who's been teachng english here for the last year. Ittook a couple days to get over the jet lag and the surrealness thatwas being in Asia. I picked Dylan up at the airport a week after wearrived and caught him up with what Saigon is all about, basicallythe food we've been eating. Saigon is an amazing city and I met someamazing people and had a blast at dodgeball, roller disco, going tothe zoo, art shows, playing a ukelele concert, learning to ride amotorcycle, partying with Austin, driving golf balls, street bars,meeting school kids and all the other madness I cant remember rightnow. I'm writing this right before I leave on my 3000 km, 30 + daymotorcycle trip from Saigon to Hanoi. Well be camping and taking inthe sites and culture along the way. S'gonna be tight.
 our house in Saigon, laundry city.

 home sweet home

 best soup lady.

 propoganda poster shop

 new ride.

i apparently cant google.

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