Saturday, 22 December 2012

Peace sticks, hippy dicks

We travelled from Granada to rivas yesterday to catch a ride to San Jorge to catch a boat to the isla ometepe, a giant island in lake Nicaragua formed by the two enormous volcanoes that formed its beauteous landscape. On the ferry we were privileged to meet shine..... A post hippy new wave surfer guru from California. We ended up hopping onto the same chicken bus from the port town mayagulpa to charco verde, where they were holding the first ever electronic music festival in Nicaragua.... For the solstice/ end of the world party. Shine was a great source of amusement and bewilderment with his dub step beat boxing, robes , space dancing and positive energy. This morning as we were leaving he asked if we'd like to play peace sticks.... And our lives were changed forever. INNER PEACE, OUTER PEACE , WORLD PEACE.

Check the link to see for yourself.