Friday, 7 December 2012

its a travel blerg.

Tommorow night I leave to the Buffalo Airport to catch a nights sleep and an 8 am plane to Charlotte, NC. A quick layover then on to Central America. I will spend a month between Nicaragua and Costa Rica free-walking volcanoes and fighting sharks..
In the event that the world doesn't end, on January third I'll be flying to Seattle to meet a certain illustrious creature, then together we go on to one of the most seemingly beautiful places on earth, Vietnam.
This blog exists to keep a track on things, I tend to lose journals.
stay posted. if you want.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like one hell of a crazy time thus far. Make the best of that nicaraguan rum, mmmm flor de cana. Remind me to never travel with a tour group again. I dont think i had half as many crazy encounters/experiences in the whole month as you guys have had since you left. Anywho, continue to rock and don't get hustled! Much love from the mountain,

    your brosef.